Hi y'all and thank you for taking time from your busy day to look at my pictures. Photography is a recent hobby for me.

My name is Lori Howard and I dabble in way too many things. I've always been interested in anything that has to do with creativity...graphic design, photography, home design and interior decorating. All of these things have been merely hobbies and stress relievers. I normally only take pictures for fun...but since it's something I have always liked to do I thought I'd dabble a little more and see where this takes me.

I like to bring professionalism as well as fun into everything I do. My goal is to tell the story without using a single word. My favorite shoots are of animals and rustic life. I have, however, done a few family sessions for my own family and close friends. This was a lot of fun and so possibly in the future I might venture out of my comfort zone and do a little more of this.

I hope you enjoy my photos and will come back and look again sometime. Feel free to order anything you like, they're all up for ordering at a low price.

Thanks for stopping by!